Little Masters Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to provide an encouraging environment for kids to be learners, mentors, team players, and leaders. We promote “learning by doing” through a multitude of fun projects. Our goal is to connect children to their community, invoke their compassion and motivation, develop their skills through our projects, and give them an opportunity to shine.

We know children learn better when they’re interested in the subject, with their friends, and have confidence and support. Little Masters Club designs projects to be heavily team based, with as little adult intervention as possible. The community will always be there for a helping hand, but kids are encouraged to lead projects, teach peers, work together, and mentor children younger than them as much as they can. We provide a safe and fun environment to try, fail, try again, fail harder, and finally succeed! There is no better motivator than hard earned success.

Our vision is to see children discover their potential and develop the skills necessary to be successful adults. A strong community and meaningful support are fundamental building blocks of happiness. We strive to create just that for our kids to flourish in and become well-rounded individuals.

Your support is greatly appreciated, be it volunteerism or monetary donation (tax exempt)! Get involved now!


  • 小大师2020新春晚宴邀请函
    小大师诚挚邀请您和家人朋友出席 “小大师聚乐部2020新春晚宴”! 时间:20202年2月2日(周日)晚 17:00-20:00 地点:Mercer Island Community & Event Center 地址:8236 SE 24th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040 着装要求: 商务正装 票价:每人20元(大人及需要座位的孩子同等票价) … Read More
  • 2019 3D Paper Snowflake Craft
    Excited for Winter Break? Well, Little Masters Club has the … Read More
  • Salmon系列讲座之——“史诗”的一生
    自然漫步项目组的小“元老”,经过三文鱼养殖厂几个月的实习经历,将为小同学们带来三文鱼的生命周期讲座,带领我们认识三文鱼“史诗”般的一生,和他在三文鱼养殖厂的所见所闻。 活动时间:2019年12月15日 15:00-17:00 活动地点:小大师新教室 活动年龄:建议1-5年级 … Read More
  • Snowman Craft
    这个周六晚上,欢迎小朋友一起来小大师艺术组做一个可爱的袜子雪人吧! Little Masters Club Art … Read More



我们很高兴地通知大家,PAA(Pacific Artists Alliance)作为一个孩子们成立的非公益组织,经过小大师几年的财务监管扶持,最近已经完成联邦非公益组织的认证,从现在开始独立运营。我们很高兴看到小大师扶持的第一个青少年组织从起步开始逐步走向成熟,希望他们可以越走越远。我们也相信PAA和小大师会在将来继续合作,共同服务社区! Read More