Little Masters Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to provide an encouraging environment for kids to be learners, mentors, team players, and leaders. We promote “learning by doing” through a multitude of fun projects. Our goal is to connect children to their community, invoke their compassion and motivation, develop their skills through our projects, and give them an opportunity to shine.

We know children learn better when they’re interested in the subject, with their friends, and have confidence and support. Little Masters Club designs projects to be heavily team based, with as little adult intervention as possible. The community will always be there for a helping hand, but kids are encouraged to lead projects, teach peers, work together, and mentor children younger than them as much as they can. We provide a safe and fun environment to try, fail, try again, fail harder, and finally succeed! There is no better motivator than hard earned success.

Our vision is to see children discover their potential and develop the skills necessary to be successful adults. A strong community and meaningful support are fundamental building blocks of happiness. We strive to create just that for our kids to flourish in and become well-rounded individuals.

Your support is greatly appreciated, be it volunteerism or monetary donation (tax exempt)! Get involved now!



  • 2024 Tissue Paper Flower
    Join in us on Friday, 5/24/2023, 7-8 PM to make tissue Read More
  • 2024 Summer Camp
    夏令营提供英文、科学、编程,数学,艺术等方面的内容,并会在放松时间带领营员做有趣的互动游戏。夏令营的小老师全部是秋季8年级以上的学生志愿者,每周由4至6名小老师设计教学内容并进行教学。Read More
  • Kite Craft 2024
    Join in us on Friday, 4/19/2024, at 7-8 PM, to make custom kites to welcome in the spring. Read More
  • STEM: Generative AI – Copilots
    我们很高兴介绍_。他会向学生们谈谈 generative AI,主要讲 copilots,包括它们的代码以及它们怎样帮助人们分析各种数据。同时,同学们会学到怎样编出自己的 copilot。这节课主要面向初中和高中生。但是,我们非常强烈地建议报名者,特别是年龄偏小的孩子,已经对编程有一些了解。这样,他们才会对课程有兴趣,也会学到更多。Read More