Little Masters Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to provide an encouraging environment for kids to be learners, mentors, team players, and leaders. We promote “learning by doing” through a multitude of fun projects. Our goal is to connect children to their community, invoke their compassion and motivation, develop their skills through our projects, and give them an opportunity to shine.

We know children learn better when they’re interested in the subject, with their friends, and have confidence and support. Little Masters Club designs projects to be heavily team based, with as little adult intervention as possible. The community will always be there for a helping hand, but kids are encouraged to lead projects, teach peers, work together, and mentor children younger than them as much as they can. We provide a safe and fun environment to try, fail, try again, fail harder, and finally succeed! There is no better motivator than hard earned success.

Our vision is to see children discover their potential and develop the skills necessary to be successful adults. A strong community and meaningful support are fundamental building blocks of happiness. We strive to create just that for our kids to flourish in and become well-rounded individuals.

Your support is greatly appreciated, be it volunteerism or monetary donation (tax exempt)! Get involved now!


  • DIY Soap Session #2
    Learn to make your own unique piece of soap! These make … Read More
  • DIY Soap
    Learn how to make your own unique piece of soap! Cost: Free … Read More
  • 自然漫步-家庭Hiking
    夏日已至,自然漫步的暑期家庭Hiking活动将带领大家步入凉爽的Pacific Northwest的森林,行走在林间溪水边,找寻森林中的生机与奥秘。 时间:7月6日,周六 地点:Snoqualmie Region- Denny Creek附近 … Read More
  • 2019 Independence Day Photo Booth Props Craft美国独立日照片道具手工
    Independence Day is just around the corner and we are going to make fun Photo Booth Props. You and your family can use these cool props to jazz up your pictures. 美国独立日即将来临,小大师艺术组的小老师会带领大家学做照片道具。快来报名吧,给节日添加一份独特的彩色记忆! … Read More


20190707 Denny Creek Trail

自然漫步7月份的活动是去Denny Creek Trail Hiking。周日一大早出发走的早,居然在停车场上找到了最后一个停车位。因为国庆假期,头天晚上在这里露营的人很多,车位极其紧张。第一次来这里徒步,一下车就觉的清新的空气扑面而来,这里到处都是郁郁葱葱的大树、潺潺的溪水,路边盛开着各种野花,树林里充满各种悦耳的鸟鸣, Read More

6.30自然漫步纪录片放映《Wild China》

自然漫步的第二次纪录片放映活动在每个季节的开始如约而至,这次放映《wild China》,影片中有极具中国特色的物种,熊猫、金丝猴等,也同样提出了自然漫步活动一直紧扣的主题,人与自然的关系。在中国,天地人浑为一体的古老自然文明与现代工业文明的生活中,中国人的观念中发生了怎样的碰撞。纪录片放映活动由2位自然漫步项目的小义工主持。她们提出来对于电影内容和主题值得深思的问题,在放映后带领大家一起讨论和回顾。 Read More

小大师5月11日Oxbow Farm 的义工劳动

 小大师一直有个想法是能更多的组织我们的孩子走进社区,服务本地社区。诚然我们已经有了夏季回国支教营,环保组等一系列活动,但我们更希望让孩子们和他们生长,扎根的这片土地有更多亲密的互动。 而积极促成和本地社区的合作,也有助于改变其他族裔对华人长久以来“只扫自家门前雪”的刻板印象,提升我们的社会形象。 Read More