Brightwater Treatment tour/污水处理厂参观

What happened after waster water got into sewer?How’s the impacts individuals and our daily life have on water resources and the environment. Tours in Brightwater treatment encourage visitors to think about responsible water use, the products they use and how everyday choices can help protect Puget Sound.
Location: Brightwater Treatment Plant
Date: Thursday,August 1st,9:00AM-11:00AM

20190707 Denny Creek Trail

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自然漫步7月份的活动是去Denny Creek Trail Hiking。周日一大早出发走的早,居然在停车场上找到了最后一个停车位。因为国庆假期,头天晚上在这里露营的人很多,车位极其紧张。第一次来这里徒步,一下车就觉的清新的空气扑面而来,这里到处都是郁郁葱葱的大树、潺潺的溪水,路边盛开着各种野花,树林里充满各种悦耳的鸟鸣,