Summer Seminar – Build Your Own Computer Workshop

Do you want to build a computer that works for your purpose and to your budget? I’ve been using the computer I built myself (certainly I asked my parents to pay for the parts for me) for a while. If you are interested in building your own computer from scratch or understanding the process, come to this workshop. After the workshop, you will have a basic knowledge of what each computer part does (we need to understand what we build first) and know how to start if you would like to build a computer, and you will learn from my experience. No prior knowledge is required.

Summer Online Seminar – Python Programming Intro Course

In this course we will open the eyes of our students to the wonderful world of programming through python. Not only will we teach them the technical aspects like loops and functions, but we will also look at extraordinary coding projects to show the power and opportunity of knowing how to code. We will practice critical thinking skills and teach them how to approach everyday problems in a systematic way to find the solution.