Project Title/项目名称

Executive Summary


Statements on why the project is beneficial to Little Masters Club community. (WHY)/请说明您所提议的项目对小大师社区有什么帮助,为什么要通过小大师俱乐部承办此项目)

Mission Statement/

A paragraph on what you try to achieve through the project and the approach you are going to take to achieve your goal. (WHAT and HOW) /请说明项目的目标,以及您计划如何实现这个目标

Keys to Success

How you will measure the success of the project./怎样衡量项目成功与否


Company Ownership/Legal Entity

Little Masters Club is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status.  The club seeks to provide an encouraging environment for kids to be learners, mentors, team players, and leaders. We are a Seattle-based group that tries to inspire our kids to learn more about China and Chinese culture.


Where will the project be executed?/项目将在什么地方主办

Project Outline/项目概况

How long will the project take to finish? When you expect it to be started?/什么时间开始,需要多长时间完成

How many participants are expected? Any chaperons needed? How you will recruit the participants?/多少人参加,需要多少人监护,怎样挑选及培训参加人员

What are the activities?/什么样的活动

Budget Plan

Financial Management/财务管理

Who will manage the finance if incurred?/谁来管理财务


How much is the expected cost? Break it down to individual cost items, and list each in the table below./预算开支,请参照下列表格列出明细

Funding Sources/资金来源

Your plan to get the needed funds./您计划如何筹集项目所需的资金

Risks and Mitigation Strategies/风险与应对策略

Risks & Mitigation Plans/风险及应对策略

Any risks that may become a problem to your project?/有什么可能的风险会影响项目的顺利进展?

What will you do to mitigate the risks if they would happen?/您计划用怎样的应变措施补救?

You can download the proposal/你可以从此处下载立项书 LMC Proposal/立项书, 以及 PowerPoint Slides Template