Migration and Bird Walk-Autumn Episode 疫情后的第一次鸟课来了

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疫情后的第一次鸟课来了!!2019年大受好评的Eastside Audubon 专业团队老师们,再次为参与小大师自然漫步项目的家庭带来精彩的鸟类迁徙户外课程,也是2021年度的唯一一次。活动名额有限,预报从速!

时间:2021年10月2日,周六上午10:00(1-1.5 Hours event)

2021 Back-to-School Frog Pencil Holder Craft

Join us on Friday, September 3rd from 7:00-8:00 PM for an adorable back-to-school craft! Your kid can create these holders to de-clutter their desks just in time for school. To sign up, head to: https://forms.gle/PcXyfHaxurvBHh5UA  Thank you!

2021 Digital Art Class

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Join us on Friday, 8/27/2021, at 4-5:30 PM, during this class Alyce Wu will go through some of her digital art, she will talk about her drawing process and workflow, and introduce the features on Medibang Paint a free software used to make digital art.

Summer Nutrition Camp 2021

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暑假是孩子增进厨艺的好机会。 小大师和Tyee Middle School Cooking Club合作,邀请社区的营养师和教练,为学生们举办为期四天的营养与食物夏令营。每天30分钟讲座,30分钟跟着营养师做一款健康美味的美食。

Summer Seminar – Build Your Own Computer Workshop

Do you want to build a computer that works for your purpose and to your budget? I’ve been using the computer I built myself (certainly I asked my parents to pay for the parts for me) for a while. If you are interested in building your own computer from scratch or understanding the process, come to this workshop. After the workshop, you will have a basic knowledge of what each computer part does (we need to understand what we build first) and know how to start if you would like to build a computer, and you will learn from my experience. No prior knowledge is required.

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