Summer Camp, Remote Teaching, Library Corners

Leadership Team:

Advisory Board: Felicia Yan, David Wang, Haiqin Wang

Team Lead:

  • Sichuan: Kevin Yan, Sophia Fang
  • Shanghai: Helena Feng, Faye Zhang
  • Shanxi: Elizabeth Yan, Jessie Xu
Email: [email protected]

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2018 Summer Camp Highlight:


The Shanxi Education Support project is designed for American kids to provide educational support to the underprivileged children in rural regions of Shanxi, China. In the process, these young volunteer teachers get the opportunity to live with local families in the village, experience folklife, learn local culture and heritage, and build teaching and leadership skills. It is truly an eye-opening and memorable experience.

Mission Statement

We organize engaging, relevant activities for our volunteers to explore the regional culture, experience the rural living environment and interact with local students in Shanxi, an under-developed province in northwest China. We also raise funds and books to donate in order to help expand the school library to provide a better reading experience for young readers. Through these various activities, we hope to develop strong leadership and communication skills, but more importantly to demonstrate to our volunteers’ just how fortunate they are to have the convenient lifestyle of a modern city and teach them to appreciate what they have.

Project Outline

The project focuses on three types of activities: summer camp, remote teaching, library corners

Summer Camp

We organize annual visit to local villages and provide educational support to the students there. During each summer break, we send a group of Little Masters to Dabaishui, a small village in Shanxi Province of China to teach the local students English, sports, dance, and various games. The activities included are:

  1. Teaching in local schools, playing, learning, interacting with local students, exchanging effective learning methods, sharing resources that benefit the local students’ education both academically and financially.
  2. Living with local families, visiting culture heritages such as ancient Buddhism temples and family ancestral hall, handcrafting local folk art;
  3. Hiking in local mountains, fishing in ponds, u-picking in orchard farms and other fun activities.

Note that there might be changes as necessary to ensure the fun and learning experiences of the participants as well as the contributed services to the local communities. We also keep improving the activities every year based on feedback from the participants.

We’ve been organizing the Shanxi Education Support Summer Camp and traveling to the same village since 2015. Many of the team members are returning teachers and they involved deeper and deeper in the project. Some became project leaders, actively plan the curriculum and activities, recruit younger and newer team members, and lead the whole team to have a fun and productive experience.

Remote Teaching

In 2016, we started remote teaching through real-time video connected to the local classrooms. We read English stories, introduce American cultures, help the students speak and read English as native speakers.

Most of our teachers are the high schoolers who visited the school during previous education support summer camps. Many of them are returning to the village again this year.

Library Corners

We collect used books for young readers at school age, especially those at elementary and middle schools.  There are few English books in the local school’s library. Even its Chinese story books collection needs to be extended with quality books that really draw kids’ interest in reading.

We have six book collection stations in Seattle area: Kent, Sammamish, Redmond, Kenmore, Bellevue, Kirkland.  There are a group of high school students helping collect the used books and record the book catalog.  The collected books are then brought to a village in Shanxi and donated to the school’s library in the village.

We also raise funds for purchasing new juvenile books and donate them to the local schools. Subscriptions to online access to ebooks and teaching materials like Raz-Kids are also donated to the local schools for their class use.

In 2016, we have donated 500+ used juvenile English books and 2500+ new juvenile Chinese books to Facheng School in Dabaishui. We established 10 library corners, one in each classroom in the school.

In 2017, we donated 300+ English books, movies, CDs as supplement teaching materials. We also donated subscription to Raz-Plus for online English reading which allows 36 students to access 3000 leveled ebooks simultaneously.

Achievement Highlight

  • 4 continuous years of education support summer camp since 2015
  • 4 program leaders recruited. 3 of them graduated into universities in 2017 and 2018 respectively
  • 73 middle school and high school students volunteered teaching in the summer camp from 2015 to 2018
  • 330+ total local students in Facheng School of Dabaishui Village, Shanxi Province, China, benefited from the teaching activities
  • Remote teaching through the most popular social media, Wechat,  to 4 classes (3-6th grade) of  the school
  • 10 library corners set up, one per classroom in the school
  • 2500+ Chinese books, 800+ English books, movies, and many STEM materials donated to the school over these years
  • 1 year subscription to Raz-Plus donated to the school in year 2017, which allows 36 simultaneous online access to 3000 leveled ebooks for English reading development
  • organized and participated in fund raising events with the Gansu Education Support Team (GEST), raising $19240 collectively for financial aid to 56 students in China in 2017.
  • Donated to the GEST fund pool and helped provide financial aid to 56 students in China in 2018.


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Reimburse Form: Project Reimbursement /项目费用报销表

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【王海琴编者按语】人还在回家的动车上,朋友圈已经发文了!文中提到小老师们每天必玩的”狼人杀”游戏,昨天在奇村温泉♨️游泳池里还在玩狼人杀。 作者:李超亚 Alice Li 第二次来到山西法成学校支教,今年对我来说是个巨大的考验。按理说已经来了一年,对于学生管理应该是轻车熟路,但是三年级和五年级实在不同。(去年教的五年级,今年三年级)五年级的学生知道他们该做什么,什么时候该闹什么时候不该闹,听课的时候做笔记好好听;而三年级的学生几乎所有的时间都在闹,他们不知道什么时候我们是严肃的对他们说话,什么时候我们只是开个玩笑。老师在上面讲课,他们就在下面玩,做小动作。有的玩橡皮泥,有的玩笔,有的玩绳子,有的甚至在打架。 刚开始的时候,我和搭档Danyuan以及小助教Lingyuan都采用温和的方式(就像去年对待五年级的学生一样)。受伤了就细心的看看;闹矛盾了就耐心的听;哭了就不断的哄;玩游戏听取他们的意见。后来我们发现,他们总是“趁机而上”“趁势而乱”,在排练歌曲《Londen bridge》的时候一个简单的队形需要30.40分钟排好。于是后几天,我们采取了“硬核式”教学,12s在操场上站成一排,有说话的或超时就重来,20s站成上台队形,这样使他们听话一些。在后一个星期,我们也出现了一位杀手———Max!他出没在各个班级,一旦出现在窗口孩子们都立马安静…!专治各种不听话!这种强大的气场让我感到佩服… 除了三年级的学生,我还有另一群学生———跟我一起跳jazz的孩子们。刚开始学《Hate》这个舞蹈的时候(也就是星期二)所有的孩子都不会跳,他们都只能跟着老师的动作胡乱比划,例如一个扭胯的动作我们教了一下午,结果成效不大,第二天他们大多数都把这个动作忘掉了。于是我和jess决定先教完舞蹈再指导动作。星期三教完后他们动作基本都记不住。我不断地嘱咐她们一定要回家看视频自己去练,第二天回来她他们已经能记住一半的动作(当然我还是会很凶的对她们说你们怎么这个动作还不会,那个动作有进步了但是还不够好)。等到周四,已经可以全部独自跳下来,领舞的同学也开始慢慢进入状态。最后!演出圆满成功! 两周以来每天都离不开狼人杀,这好像也渐渐成为一种习惯,每到十点左右,小圈围好,牌发好,随着上帝一声“everyone go to sleep”游戏正式开始…!对于我来说,我有去年玩狼人杀的经验,但今年和去年还是很不一样的。首先一起玩的人不一样了,其次又增加了几个角色。虽然是个简单的游戏,但我们都很认真的对待这个游戏,认真的去分析,认真的去辨别,认真去的“撒谎”。有一次我们加了小女孩这个角色(那一局正好我当小女孩),可能我没有完全理解这个角色究竟是干什么的,究竟怎么做,于是我在“死”后说了“遗言”,平民胜利。然后我们就针对这个问题展开了深刻而激烈的讨论…还有一次我当狼人,我“死”了之后跳预言家身份,并胡乱指认了几个人,然后真正的预言家还没死,于是活着的人又进行了深刻而激烈的讨论…最后他们得出结论我是假的。只想说:Big brain!   两个星期真的快,当大家逐渐熟悉,逐渐成为一个集体,逐渐找到教育学生的方法的时候,我们要分开了。我感谢每一个伙伴,每一个老师(海琴阿姨、刘叔叔、言阿姨、王老师),每一个对我们关心照顾和帮助过我们的人!!!这一切我都终生难忘! 最后,再见! 不是拜拜! Read More

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Signup for Education Support Volunteers

SESP is expanding. In 2019, we will have two new summer camps in Sichuan and Shanghai in addition to Shanxi through our education support program. We are currently seeking program leads, chaperones, and volunteer teachers for... Read More

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今年的第二次也是最后一次的Goodwill Truck Donation 筹款活动,将于6/3号进行。请大家收拾出家里不用的旧物,于活动当天送到Chinook,支持Goodwill和支教小组。您将会在现场收到Goodwill发的捐赠收据,可以在报税的时候抵税。 Read More

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安康支教之行有感 BY 伍岳平

安康支教之行,我记忆最深刻的就是访问贫困同学家庭。衣食无忧的我,看到这么贫穷的同龄人,我被深深地感动,他们虽然生活艰难贫困,但依然勤奋努力学习。同一片蓝天下,愿我们都能共享生活的美好,祝福他们在我们共同的关怀下,健康、茁壮成长,拥抱美好的未来。 北京小大师俱乐部 伍岳平 Read More

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这一期“小大师面对面”访谈节目有很多亮点:两个自然活泼的小主持人;字正腔圆又亲切温暖的解说;参加2017山西支教活动的十几个小大师们分享他们的感想;认真帅气的四个领军人物, Read More

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Call for Donation

感谢香港商会会长Benjamin Lee对小大师山西支教项目的大力支持!李会长将拿出$500, 对今晚12点之前、前10名金额达到$50的捐赠资金做等额配捐(1-1 donation match)。 Read More