Root-seeking Program 小大师寻根营项目


寻根之旅不仅是一个了解中国的窗口,更突出介绍了国家的发展和中国文化的魅力,让孩子们感到了国人的热情和真诚 。在夏令营,很多孩子第一次接触中国书法,国画,剪纸,陶瓷,刺绣,戏曲等。最感恩每个主办单位都尽心尽力的给孩子们安排当地最有特色的文化节目,例如福建泉州的提线木偶戏,江苏省的高水准诗画艺大型演出,都极具地域文化特色。孩子们当然也没有错过名山大川;华山,武夷山,五台山,尽在脚下;长江,黄河,张家界,凤凰古城,亦到此一游。

寻根之旅更不是一次简单的旅行。很多孩子是第一次参加夏令营,除了内心的忐忑还有初尝独立的小激动,和离家千里的小不舍。同样,爸爸妈妈们也要经历短暂分离的考验,为了孩子更远的远行,把内心一点点建设坚强 。 短短十几天,孩子们体会了集体生活,学着洗衣服挂衣服,收拾屋子,自己设闹铃起床,除了这些,更多的是意犹未尽和依依不舍,很多孩子和当地志愿者朋友们互留微信,保持联系。过程多曲折,结局更欢乐,每个孩子都开拓了眼界,收获了自己的宝贵经验,交到了五湖四海的朋友。


Most of our children are born overseas and have grown overseas. They have no specific impression of China, a distant parent that they never met. It can be said that they are basically pure foreigners. Since 2015 , the little masters club brought the “Chinese Root-seeking Journey” of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Association of China to overseas Chinese children. Since then, this has become a constant thought at the back of our heads. Once in the spring, everyone will start looking for a summer vacation for the new year. . In the past four years, we have more than 300 Chinese people who have searched for their “roots”. It can be said that their footprints are all over the Yangtze River in China, north to Shenyang, south to Yunnan, west to Shanxi, and east to Shanghai, Jiangsu and Fujian.

The journey of root-seeking is not only a window to understand China, but also highlights the development of the country and the charm of Chinese culture, so that the children feel the enthusiasm and sincerity of the people. . In the summer camp, many children first met Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper-cutting, ceramics, embroidery, and opera. Most grateful to each organizer to do their best to arrange the most unique cultural programs in the local area, such as the puppet show in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and the high-level poetry and painting performances in Jiangsu Province, all of which are highly regional and cultural. Of course, the children did not miss the famous mountains and rivers; Huashan, Wuyishan, Wutaishan, all at the foot; the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang Ancient City, also visited here.

The journey of roots is not a simple trip. Many children are participating in the summer camp for the first time. In addition to the nervousness, there is also a small excitement of the first taste of independence, and a small reluctance to leave home. Similarly, mothers and fathers also must undergo a test of short separation from the child, to build a stronger will to push the children to travel farther. In just ten days, the children experienced the life with their peers, learned to wash clothes and hang clothes, clean up the house, and set up their own alarms to get up. In addition to these, more are still unresolved and reluctant, many children and local volunteer friends use WeChat to keep in touch. The process is full of twists and turns, so the ending is more joyful. Every child has opened their horizons and gained their valuable experience. They have made friends in all corners of the country.

With the “root-seeking journey”, the little masters have met more people, have gone more, and know more about cooperation, feedback and gratitude. This family of small masters will be passed down from generation to generation, and the road will go longer.

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