To provide opportunities for kids who love art/crafting to utilizing their art/crafting skills do charity fundraising through workshops.


Little Master Club(LMC) has kids who love art and crafting. Pacific Artist’ Alliance (PAA) is a WA state registered charity organization funded by 2 high school students who love drawing and crafting.

By having LMC as sponsor, PAA can focus on creating and managing more fundraising workshops, and increase LMC’s visibilities outside Chinese community

Keys to Success

Each workshop will raise enough money to cover cost and have enough surpluses for Charity purpose, the goal for year 2016 is $1000, and will increase to $1500 + for year 2017.


Project Lead :  [email protected]
Project Reimbursement /项目费用报销表

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PAA的孩子们在上个月末成功的为西雅图儿童医院(Seattle Children‘s Hospital)筹集了善款2000美金。本次善款的筹集渠道主要来源于PAA组织并发起的一系列艺术活动。例如2016年10月举办的Halloween Costume Workshop,2016年12月组织的Christmas Card Workshop,以及2017年1月开展的Chinese New Year Lantern Workshop等。 Read More