Online Teaching (网络带读)


Giving the right opportunity and support, we believe every kid can be a master, to share what he/she has mastered with someone else, and gain deeper understanding and confidence in the process.

Online teaching is the platform and opportunity for US born Chinese kids to teach kids in China to learn English, and vice versa for kids in China to teach Chinese kids in US about Chinese. More advanced English learning kids can also teach younger kids as well.

Project Outline

•Kids are paired up, either in 1-on-1 or in group settings, to teach English or Chinese through book reading and discussion.

•Suggested frequency is once a week. Suggest class length is 45-60 minutes.

•Regular teaching sharing meetings should be hosted among the teachers to share experiences and learn from each other.

Project Introduction

The Online-Reading project was created as an initial project for the young masters. The original intention was to provide children on both sides of the Pacific with a network platform for learning Chinese and English. Nine years ago, with this conviction, Xueling Han and Chunfang Tian started this journey. They helped the children on both sides of the strait to coordinate the time difference, overcome the network difficulties, choose communication software, adjust the materials and materials, and try to provide children with a fair and easy reading environment. In the past few years, the children have learned ways and attitudes to solve various difficulties. They not only exercised the children’s oral English and listening, but also gained lifelong friendship. It is particularly worth mentioning that the young teachers in the United States will subconsciously bring American culture to their teaching, which is what domestic children cannot understand from online or TV movies! Nowadays, the children who took the lead in online reading have already entered the university. The children who participated in the minimum online reading are still ignorant, only 5 years old. The small teachers of six or seventy people, the primary school students of hundreds of people, each has their own stories and experiences in online reading. Now, dozens of groups regularly study and exchange on weekends. The children who participate in online reading in China come from 10 cities in 5 Provinces . A child who is dialed, whether reading or learning, can be said to be in and out, bustling, and lively. The most surprising thing is that the early domestic children who participated in online reading, some of them have become local English teachers, and the modern and modern generations inherit. The master is not easy, the small can also be, the ” small master ” three words have finally proved the original intention.

Activity form : Through the network, children can choose to use WeChat, QQ , or Skype.

Venue : There are WiFi places and activities

Activity time : flexible, coordinated by the two children

Activity frequency : once a week, one hour each time

Subject requirements : Willing to insist on one hour a week to bring Chinese children to read English or are willing to learn Chinese with domestic children, regardless of age, I hope to last at least 1 year.

Event Contact : Maan

WeChat Contact : Sk5maan
Email: [email protected]

Project Reimbursement /项目费用报销表


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