小大师自然漫步项目旨在帮助华裔社区的家庭更加了解并喜爱上Pacific Northwest 的自然环境和人居环境,同时引导华裔社区更多履行作为居民对居住环境力所能及的义务。



项目组现有三个分项活动正在招募核心家长志愿者,小学生自然活动,家庭亲子轻量徒步活动和幼儿户外自由玩耍活动,对自然环境主题有兴趣,家有孩子希望经常参与活动,愿意协助负责人进行活动设计和引领的家长,欢迎加入自然漫步群,进一步了解群组活动,或和负责人高硕联系[email protected]

Helping families in Chinese communities to better understand and love Pacific Northwest’s
natural and living environment, and to guide Chinese communities to fulfill their obligations as
residents‘s living environment.

Activities that have been or are likely to be carried out include city parks, environmental
education institutions or facility guides, forest rehabilitation, natural and environmental thematic
lectures, family-friendly light hiking activities and outdoor free play activities for young children.

The event is roughly 1-2 events per month, and each event is suitable for different age groups.
In addition to environmental education institutions and facilities, the scope of activities is
generally carried out in several cities in the eastern part of Great Seattle.

The project team currently recruits core parent volunteers, primary school students' natural
activities, family parent-child light hiking activities and outdoor free play activities. They are
interested in the theme of the natural environment. The family has children who want to
participate in the activities frequently and are willing to assist. Parents who design and lead
activities, welcome to join the nature walk group, learn more about group activities, or contact
the person in charge at: [email protected]

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