• 旨在锻炼孩子们的中英文新闻信息收集、整理能力,并于实践中提高广播主持技能、影像筛选和语言表达能力。
  • 定期记录小大师各项活动,留存新闻档案,对外传播,扩大影响。
  • 帮助孩子们了解所在社区,了解小大师各项目活动。


  • 每两个月一期小大师新闻(LMC News),中英双语,由孩子们全程参与先期采访、新闻稿撰写以及新闻播报。
  • 不定期制作视频访谈节目,孩子自行准备问题进行采访,与受邀嘉宾交流人生故事,为孩子们的成长提供经验。
  • 不定期讲座,锻炼孩子们的公共场合的语言表达能力。



  • 接受文章和新闻图片投稿,请注明作者以及联系方式。每年有5篇以上稿件被采用的,将授予年度优秀小记者奖。
  • 投稿方式 :点击进入,打开新闻当月文件夹,新建一个文件夹,适当命名,放置您的文字新闻稿或图片。
  • 文字要求:中英文双语稿为佳,仅英文稿件也欢迎,我们将帮忙提供翻译。新闻稿件要求 简洁易懂,包含时间、地点、人物和事件等重要新闻要素。
  • 录像要求:活动画面清晰,可一个或多个视频,总长度至少一分钟。
  • 照片要求:重要合影和情节可投放照片,需进行备注图片内容。在报道新闻事件时,如没有影像资料,图片也可以使用,小编辑们将选取25张左右进行处理。注意:拍摄影像资料时,需经过活动主办方允许。
  • 留言和建议:打开上文网页中的“留言和建议”文件夹,新建文档记录您的宝贵建议和联系方式。


  • Develop the children’s ability of the news collecting and organizing in both Chinese and English. Improve the broadcasting skills, the image screening and editing, public speaking and hosting.
  • Record the important activities and events of the LMC to expand the influence.
  • Provide a channel for the children to learn about LMC and the local community.

Project Outline

  • The bimonthly published LMC News in both Chinese and English, which report, edit and read by the children.
  • The occasional interviews between the young hosts and the storyteller, which about the unique experience, great achievement or the successful life.
  • The occasional lecture to improve the public speaking skills of children.

LMC News Video Link

How to Participate

  • Please indicate the name and contact details of the script and image contributors. Every year, if more than 5 manuscripts are broadcasted by the LMCNews, the children will be awarded the Outstanding Little Reporter of the Year award.
  • Go to, open the folder for the month of the news, create a new folder inside to place your script and add images or videos.
  • Script requirements: Bilingual manuscripts in both Chinese and English is welcoming, whereas the manuscripts in only one language is also acceptable. We provide the translation service by the student interpreters. The text of video news should be clear and readable, which includes the main element of news, such as time, place, character and event.
  • Video requirements: high quality, single or multiple videos at least one minute’s long totally.
  • Photo requirements: please leave a description of each photo, no more than 25 for the single event. Our editors will create a video by these pictures. Please get permission from the event coordinators before taking photos and videos.
  • Messages and suggestions: Open the “Messages and suggestions” folder on the web page above, and create a new document to record your valuable suggestions and contact information.

Newsletter 小大师月度简讯

“小大师月度简讯”是小大师官方月报,于2019年全新推出,以邮件方式每月1号和15 号定期推送。其主要内容是与孩子教育相关的西雅图本地活动、课程信息以及各类实用资源,现有栏目包括小大师活动,小大师项目介绍,社区活动,文化馆活动,中文课资源,夏令营信息等。

  • 如需订阅,请点击链接加入小大师月度简讯推送:

  • 点击查阅往期简讯资料:

The Little Masters Club Monthly Newsletter is the official channel which launched in 2019. It is regularly published on the 1st and 15th of each month through email, which mainly about the local activities, courses and various practical resources. At present, it includes Little Masters Club activities, Little Masters Club project introductions, community activities, cultural hall activities, Chinese class resources, summer camp lists and so on.

欢迎大家踊跃投稿至[email protected]

Project Reimbursement /项目费用报销表

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