– To encourage students of all ages to try coding and practice leadership skills

Mission Statement

1) To offer free coding lessons to children within the years of 6 to 12, in addition to fostering a further interest in

coding. The goal is to have monthly meetings to ensure that as many children that want to learn

2) The free coding lessons will be hosted by middle school and high school students

Keys to Success

– Insure a reservation at the library with the correct size or Little Master Club classroom every month.

– Use HHWC curriculum correctly, and to build returning members.

– Use preexisting HWWC staff to build a good schedule and recruit more volunteers.

– Have forms that inform people of what each event is about and what resources they need to bring.

Hand in Hand We code is a student-led organization dedicated to encouraging students of all ages to try coding.

Project Reimbursement /项目费用报销表