Community Building Events (社区活动)


  • To build a better Chinese community with close bond and support to each other, and make volunteerism a part of our regular life.
  • To promote Chinese culture to the society and help make it fun to learn Chinese.
  • To encourage healthy life style and outdoor adventures.

Mission Statement

We provide opportunities for interaction and fellowship through events that enhance social involvement, Chinese cultural promotion, and our members’ health and welfare.

Project Outline

Organize various events to serve the objectives.

2016 Bike-A-Thon Project Reimbursement /2016青少年自行车拉力赛项目费用报销表
2016 Bike-A-Thon Project Lead /2016青少年自行车拉力赛项目负责人:  [email protected]


Other Project Reimbursement /其它项目费用报销表

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