The Chinese Language and Talent Competition was established in 2010 by Culture Exploration of Greater China, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of greater China and Chinese culture by offering cultural learning opportunities to local American educators. Under their spirit of cultural communication, the CE built the Chinese Language and Talent Competition as the platform where people integrated Chinese language and culture into local culture and life.

Since then the competition has become a tradition in Washington state for the Chinese language learning community. Students throughout the states participated to show their knowledge and talent in Chinese Language and Chinese culture. Each competition draws hundreds of students and the teachers. This event greatly promotes the Chinese learning in Washington State.

To continue this great tradition, the Little Masters Club worked closely with CE and other participating organizations and completed the transition of leadership in 2019. Today we are happy to announce 2020 Washington State Chinese Language and Talent Competition is open for registration. K to 12th Grade students in both public and private schools of Washington State as well as those from Chinese heritage schools and home children institutes are welcome to participate. we hope this event will provide a venue where students with diverse cultural backgrounds get together to share their knowledge and experience.

Register HERE