Beijing Volunteer Program (BVP) 小大师北京志愿者项目

The first Beijing Volunteer Program (BVP) was successfully held in Beijing, China on July 29-August 9, 2019. During the two weeks, thirteen young volunteers received professional training of being social workers; visited migrant worker families who come from remote areas in China; talked with various grassroot non-profit organizations about how they conduct community / social service; and brought a one-week diversified English summer camp to a group of lovely underprivileged children in town. Four young volunteers still continued to help a group of thirteen Chinese children who have leukemia with a weekly English online reading program after they were back to Seattle.


Our young volunteers had an unforgettable experience of spending hours on daily commute by taking buses and subways during rush hour in Beijing in the hot and humid summer. They learned to deal with little kids with different personality and temper and worked in teams to solve problems. They visited underprivileged families far away from the metropolitan and learned to help people in need based on equality and mutual respect.


While we plan to continue education support next summer to kids from migrant workers and lower-income families in Beijing, we are also working on more on-site visits to diversified non-profit organizations in Beijing and other partnering cities, adding traditional cultural exploration,  and exploring more opportunities in different sectors of social service for our young volunteers.


We believe that every child is capable of making a change. We are looking for more young volunteers aged 14 and above joining us for a unique volunteer experience in China.



Regular Event Time and Location:

Once a year in the summer, normally between July and August, for a two-week volunteer service program in Beijing, or any other partnering cities in China.


Participating Requirements:

Applicants must be 14+ years of age, member of Little Masters Club, and parent/guardian accompany may be required. Due to limited spots, written application and interview are required for selection.



[email protected] Recruitment will be announced through Little Masters Club’s website and social media every spring.



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