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Mission Statement


Project Outline





Through various activities, we hope that the young members of the Little Master’s Club can be inspired to love art and life, and improve their art knowledge and art skills. At the same time, it also cultivates our leaders’ leaderships, and ultimately reaches our goal: serving the community.

Mission Statement

Plan to have event twice a month. To improve younger kids’ art skills through various and seasonal crafts activities or other art related events lead by middle/high school students.

Project Outline

1. Plan for long-term operation. All the crafts events will be lead by middle/high school age leaders. Most of the crafts will be associated with current festivals / seasons.

2. The Little Masters Art Group is open to all Little Masters members, and welcomes children of all ages who love arts to participate in our various activities (It is recommended that children under 5 need parental help and supervision). At the same time, we also welcome children with artistic and leadership skills to sign up as the leaders.

3. Various activities: In addition to make crafts, we also have drawing in the park, talks about the art and visiting museum for special exhibitions.

Project Lead : [email protected]
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