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The project is designed for English speaking children read or perform great picture book stories to introduce these great books to kids in China who are studying English. The kids will learn how to read or tell a story, edit the audio. And it also aims for American kids to provide help to kids in China to know the great books and learn English.

Project Outline

The project is led by 3 sub teams.

First team record the books.  We will recruit the kids to record the books that selected by the team.

Second team is Editing the audio books.  Some big kids will use their skill to help clear the audio file, remove the noise and add some great effects.

Last but not least, the publishing team will write the review of the book and then publish them in different places.

The activities included are as follows.

  • Pick up a book and then make a powerpoint file
  • Type in the story and add word comments
  • Record the story
  • Audio processing to make the sound clearly and add some effects.
  • Combine he PPT file with the audio file to make a video.
  • The audio will be published in Lizhi FM and Tengxu shipin and Wechat

Any kids are welcome to join the project and share your favorite books with others.

Publish Channel

  1. Teng Xun 腾讯视频 Reading Time
  2. LiZhi FM 荔枝FM FM836698小大师书声电台
  3. WeChat 欢迎关注公共账号


Project Lead : [email protected]
Project Reimbursement /项目费用报销表

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