Performing for Seniors Program (PSP) – The original goal of the PSP is to provide companionship to residents in senior homes via a range of rich and colorful performances to meet their emotional needs and cultivate a sense of familiarity and belonging. The program started as a virtual show during COVID-19 that fused oriental and Western cultural elements to meet the diverse cultural backgrounds of the residents. For more than two years, the PSP has brought endless joy to the residents of multiple senior homes in the greater Seattle area, made possible through the support of our young volunteers and families.

Performing for Seniors Program (PSP,为老年人表演) 项目建立的最初目标是通过在各大养老院定期举办丰富多彩的文化表演,为那里的居民提供陪伴,以满足他们的情感需求,培养他们的熟悉感和归属感。该项目始于COVID-19期间的网上演出,表演融合东西方文化元素,以满足居民的不同文化背景。两年多来,PSP已经为大西雅图地区的多个养老院的居民送去了无限的欢乐,这些是通过我们的小志愿者以及家人的支持实现的。

The on-site performances held after the pandemic made us realize the lack of basic amenities in certain non-profit senior homes. Therefore, we have expanded the goal of this program to raise awareness within the community about the current situation of these homes and seek financial support for them. Our focus now is fundraising to strengthen these non-profit senior homes and ensure the physical needs of their residents.


The PSP offers a platform for children to showcase their talents, which helps raise their self-confidence and teaches them about caring for others. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment when their talents bring joy and warmth to the community. The PSP has been recruiting young performers for a while. If you are under 18 years old and have a talent for singing, dancing, playing instruments, practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, eloquence, or any other performance, you would be an excellent candidate for the PSP.


Terms and Conditions: Parents of young program members (under age 18) are solely responsible for their safety and behavior during events or entrust other entitlements to them. In case of emergency, parents need to contact the event organizer promptly.


If you are interested in joining us, please sign up through, or contact us at: [email protected]


或者欢迎发送邮件给我们 [email protected]

If you support us, please consider donating by Zelle to [email protected]  (note: PSP) or mail a check to

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如果您支持我们的行动,请考虑赞助我们。您可以将款项用Zelle的方式发送至[email protected] (note: PSP) 或者将支票寄至上述地址。