Thank you for submitting your registration for the 2019 Washington State Language and Talent competition!

Please upload your music here and follow the naming convention:
Singing-<GradeLevel>-<Team or Individual’s name>-<contact phone number>.mp3.

For example,

  1. A high school division team contestant named Triumph, their uploaded music file should be named:  Singing-HighSchool-Triumph-425-123-4567.mp3.
  2. A lower elementary division individual contestant named Steve Mayor, his file should be named: Singing-LowerElementary-SteveMayor-425-123-4567.mp3.

Should there be any questions, the event organizer will use the phone number contained in the file name to contact the contestant.

Thank you!


<Singing>-<GradeLevel>-<Team or Individual’s name>-<contact phone number>.mp3。


  1. 对一个参加高中组,队名叫Triumph的团体,他们上传的音乐档应该是 Singing-HighSchool-Triumph-425-123-4567.mp3
  2. 如果是一位个人组名叫Steve Mayor的男孩报名参加小学低年级组,他的电子档的名称就必须是Singing-LowerElementary-SteveMayor-425-123-4567.mp3



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