Microsoft employees can either giving time, or giving money to help Little Masters Club. The employer

will match either way.

Giving Time

Each U.S. employees’ annual matching benefit includes a match for gifts of time as well as money. When

employees volunteer in the community, Microsoft will donate $25 per hour to the eligible organizations

they serve.

If you had ever participated Little Masters Club event, you can claim your hours by following up below


1. Go to

2. Click “Track Time” icon, refer below screenshot


3. You will be directed to the page as below. Search for “Little Masters Club”, then select the project you want to donate to or you can select the “LITTLE MASTERS CLUB” if there’s no specific project you want to donate. Then you need to input your volunteer date, hours, select “Company Match”. Please provide a brief description of your involvement at Little Masters Club, then click “next” bottom.



4. Go to the next page and submit!


Giving Money

When you give, Microsoft gives. Microsoft’s Matching Gifts program is year-round and when you donate cash, stock, or Microsoft products to the institution of your choice Microsoft will match with an equivalent donation.  Any donation you have made within the last 12 months is eligible to be matched!

If you want to donate Cash/Stock/Microsoft Product to Little Masters Club, you can follow up below instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “Little Masters Club”. Click the “Add” button beside the Little Masters Club logo.

image5-29 3. After added Little Masters Club, select donation type, amount and date. Add comments for us if you want to leave a note to us.


4. Click “Submit Match Request” and be done!




Please do read the Microsoft volunteer Q&A here(CorpNet access required) by expanding Volunteer section, before you report your volunteer hours to ensure full compliance with Microsoft policy.