Around the National Parks in 16 Days/ 16天国家公园游

The journey has come to an end, let’s check out the winner list!


Virtual games, virtual tours, solid health!

Join Little Masters Club for our 2020 virtual sports games! Signup now to go around 11 national parks in 16 days and earn electronic badges along the way! The Games will last for 16 days, from August 15th to August 30th. It mainly includes four activities, biking, running, walking, and hiking. Each contestant can gather friends or family members to form a team to participate in the competition. After the event, we will issue certificates to the winning teams and individuals.

Specific requirements:
1. There is no limit to the age of participators;
2. Freely form a team, there is no limit to the number of people, you can also participate in your own name;
3. Each player needs to use a mobile app or other traceable methods to record sports mileage, and report activity content and mileage every day;



1. 不限参加年龄;
2. 自由组队,人数不限,也可以个人名义参与;
3. 每位选手需用手机app或其他可追溯方式记录运动里程,并每天上报活动内容和里程数;

Event Rules/参赛规则

  • Create your own teams, each team must have at least one person and there is no limit to the number of members per team.
  • The event will take place from 8/15/2020 to 8/30/2020. Everyone will update their accumulated points every day, multiply the mileage from each activity done to convert them to points, mileage will be measured based on trusted exercise apps such as Strava; the scale is based on the average amount of calories usually burned to do each activity. 
  • In order to have more people to participate in this event, any post on social media advertising the event will count as 0.4 points.
  • The amount of points an individual gained from each event will be the individual’s total score
  • The sum of points gained from each member of the team will be the team’s total score.
  • Little Masters Club reserves the right of final interpretation 
  • 自由组队,或以个人名义参加活动;
  • 每人每天更新每项活动成绩,每项活动里程数乘以相应加权指数换算成点数;加权指数主要参考了各项运动单位时间消耗的卡路里数;为了让更多的人知道并加入我们一起做有益于身心的户外运动,在社交媒体发布的每一条参赛相关消息,可以折算成0.4的点。
  • 每个人各项点数的和,即为个人当天的成绩;
  • 队内每个成员当天点数的总和,即为该队当天成绩;


  • During the event, you can earn badges if your points meet the requirements (Individual Rewards).
  • At the end of the event, the top three teams with the most points will be awarded certificates (Team Awards). 
  • After the event is over, the top three individuals with the most points in each age group will also be awarded certificates and a gift card. Age groups: 3-6, 7-12, 13+,18+;
  • Little Masters Club reserves the right of final interpretation. 
  • 活动进行中每个人按照点数累计量可以得到相应的badge;
  • 活动结束后,各队按累计总点数排出前三名,授予奖项证书;
  • 活动结束后,按累计总点数在每个年龄段排出个人前三名,授予奖项证书和网上礼品卡(年龄组:3-6,7-12,13+,18+)。

For questions, please contact: [email protected]