2024 AWS Education Camp – Explore Generative AI

In the Exploring Generative AI with AWS PartyRock, attendees will gain insights of Generative Artificial Intelligence, and the data-driven processes behind large language models. Through demonstrations, they will learn the capabilities of AI. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with Amazon’s PartyRock, a powerful Generative AI tool based on AWS BedRock, and discover how natural conversations can unlock its potential. During hands-on sessions, attendees will build their own AI-powered applications or games using PartyRock, connecting their learning with real-world applications and exploring the possibilities of Generative AI.

2024 Tissue Paper Flower

Join in us on Friday, 5/24/2023, 7-8 PM to make tissue paper flower! Cost: *free!(materials will also be provided) Age requirement: if your child is 7 and under, a parent or guardian is recommended be there to help the child. … Read More

2024 Summer Camp


Kite Craft 2024

Join in us on Friday, 4/19/2024, at 7-8 PM, to make custom kites to welcome in the spring.

STEM: Generative AI – Copilots

我们很高兴介绍_。他会向学生们谈谈 generative AI,主要讲 copilots,包括它们的代码以及它们怎样帮助人们分析各种数据。同时,同学们会学到怎样编出自己的 copilot。这节课主要面向初中和高中生。但是,我们非常强烈地建议报名者,特别是年龄偏小的孩子,已经对编程有一些了解。这样,他们才会对课程有兴趣,也会学到更多。

小大师Performing for Seniors – 乐叙之家2024新春演出送祝福

2024年2月11日,在中国农历龙年春节期间,小大师Performing for Seniors Program(PSP)的小演员们受乐叙之家老人院的邀请继元旦之后再次来到这里,在这个充满喜庆的日子里为居民们送上了新春祝福。 On February 11, 2024, the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese lunar calendar, the young performers from the Performing for Seniors Program of the Little Masters Club (PSP) were invited by Aegis … Read More

STEM: Air-Powered Rockets


Density Experiments


AMC8 Mock Test


Chinese Wind Chimes Craft 2024

Join in us on Friday, 1/5/2024, at 7-8 PM, to make Chinese wind chimes to celebrate the new year.  

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