LMC Summer Camp 2024

Dates: Weekly from 06/24/2024 to 08/16/2024 (No camp for week of 7/1-7/5)
Time: 9:00AM-3:40 PM
Price: $200/week
Camp Size: We will keep the class size to about 12 kids for quality reasons.
Location: Little Masters Club (15015 Main St Suite 208, Bellevue, WA 98007)

Registration: https://www.jotform.com/240846660201147

We offer 7 weeks of summer camp, open to kids in 2nd to 5th grade. (1st and 6th grade can join if they wish).

The camp will provide activities relating to English, science, programming, math, and art, as well as time for the students to relax and play games, with different topics and content each week. This camp will be taught by volunteer students going into the 8th grade or above. Each week, there will be a different group of 4 to 6 volunteer students designing and teaching classes. There will always be at least two parent chaperones in the building.

Note: (1) We have not received detailed lesson plans from each youth volunteer yet. We will update the registration form with any plans we receive. (2). English, math, science, art and games are suggested categories we gave to each week’s youth volunteers, though they may choose their own unique topics.

Registration cancellation policy.

日期:06/24/2024 – 08/16/2024 (7/1那周没有camp)
时间:9:00AM-3:40 PM
费用: $200/周

地点:小大师办公室 (15015 Main St Suite 208, Bellevue, WA 98007)

报名链接: https://www.jotform.com/240846660201147



注: (1).目前我们还没有收到所有小老师们具体的教学计划,收到的我们已经更新在报名表中。等他们提交后,我们会建议不同周的夏令营内容尽量减少重复。(2). 英文、数学, 科学, 艺术和游戏是我们给每周小老师建议的设计课程的类别,他们也可以有自己的选择。

Purpose of this program

►Provide youth with meaningful and fun summer volunteer experience

►Utilize LMC classroom effectively in summer to facilitate in-person teaching

►Fundraising for LMC to support more community activities

Youth Volunteer Responsibilities

►Each week’s camp will have 4-6 youth volunteers in charge

►Volunteers must be in 8th grade or above

►Volunteers will meet 3-4 times to plan the week’s content

►Volunteers will spend 8-10 hours preparing camp material and practicing their teaching skills

►During the camp week, each volunteer will teach their assigned topic at a specific time and assist other volunteers for the rest of the day

Parent Chaperone Responsibilities

►This program only open to youth volunteers whose parents can chaperone the camp. Each day there are two adult chaperones been assigned. This is mostly out of safety concerns. Safety for the kids and the volunteers is our top priority! We rely on parent to contribute their time to make this program a successful and memorable volunteer experience for our youth!

►Monitor the building door and the classroom door to make sure kids don’t walk out of the building unaccompanied; accompany kids to the restroom

►Run errands during camp

►Help youth volunteers maintain classroom order when needed

►Take pictures/videos of the camp to be used for LMC news

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