Summer Online Seminar – Intro to handgun safety & responsibility

With the recent escalation of violent protests and riots in urban centers, many parents became increasingly concerned about their family’s safety. Many are seriously considering or already obtained firearms with the goal to protect themselves and their loved ones. “What gun should I get?” “I have a gun, when am I legally allowed to use it?” “How do I educate my kids so they don’t accidentally shoot themselves?” These are just some of the typical questions parents have wrt firearms.

Summer Youth Seminar – Cooking Lesson: California Roll

墨绿色的海苔上铺满颗粒饱满的油润白米饭,接着铺上鲜嫩Q弹的橘红色鱼生、嫩绿爽脆的黄瓜丝。米饭和海苔紧紧靠在一起做个前滚翻,将鱼生、黄瓜紧紧包裹,再在顶部放上质地细腻的碧绿牛油果,色彩、层次分明,再沾上Soy Sauce 和Wasabi的混合调料,口感、风味丰富而回味无穷。这个暑假一起做个漂亮又美味的加州卷和你热爱的家人一起分享吧!

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