LMC in Action, Call for Blood Donation

The Pacific Northwest’s blood supply is at risk of collapse in coming days. The accelerating number of blood drive cancellations due to the closure of schools, businesses, and events over coronavirus concerns has put nearly 60% of the community’s blood supply in jeopardy. With exponentially decreasing opportunities for the public to donate, our community blood supply is in real danger. For the safety and care of current and future patients, Bloodworks is urging the community to step up to donate and spread word of the current need.

守护家园,小大师在行动!- 疫情当前,呼吁社区为血库献血


守护家园,小大师在行动!- 向社区集资购买医护防护用品

助缓解西雅图地区医用防护用品短缺,小大师决定从现在开始一周时间内(截止到3/27/2020)接受社区捐款,用于购买医护人员的防护装备。现阶段我们集中人力采购最短缺的N95或者同类口罩,尽快交给各大医院和诊所。基于现在情况每日瞬息万变,如果在筹款结束时出现口罩不再紧缺,或有多余善款,我们会把善款捐给UW Virology(https://depts.washington.edu/uwviro/),支持他们对coronavirus的医学研究。

守护家园,小大师在行动! – 为西雅图地区医护人员收集防护用具

近日,西雅图各医院医用防护用品短缺导致医生,护士需要自己想办法准备可以用的医护用品。为解社区之急,共抗时疫,小大师联合华州华人医生协会,(www.wacaponline.org) 及美西华人护理协会 (https://pcna2017.wixsite.com/pcna )共同向社区募捐医用防护用品:

守护家园,小大师在行动!- 呼吁为当地医护捐款


LMC in Action!

When COVID-19 is getting under control in China, we are now facing the risk and challenge of defending this unprecedented pandemics at our home, the greater Seattle region and the Washington State.Therefore, Little Masters Club would like to work with 30+ organizations in the local Chinese community in a joint effort to advocate donation and purchase of medical supply for local hospitals and medical staff. Welcome to join us in this joint effort to help protecting our home and our people.

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