Summer Nutrition Camp 2021

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暑假是孩子增进厨艺的好机会。 小大师和Tyee Middle School Cooking Club合作,邀请社区的营养师和教练,为学生们举办为期四天的营养与食物夏令营。每天30分钟讲座,30分钟跟着营养师做一款健康美味的美食。

Summer Seminar – Build Your Own Computer Workshop

Do you want to build a computer that works for your purpose and to your budget? I’ve been using the computer I built myself (certainly I asked my parents to pay for the parts for me) for a while. If you are interested in building your own computer from scratch or understanding the process, come to this workshop. After the workshop, you will have a basic knowledge of what each computer part does (we need to understand what we build first) and know how to start if you would like to build a computer, and you will learn from my experience. No prior knowledge is required.

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