Easter Bunny Slime

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Author: Emily Leung-Kaplan Editor: Katie Chen The frenzied excitement was pervasive throughout the room. Warm smiling mothers embraced their ecstatic children as they guided them throughout the activity. You couldn’t help but notice that the room was filled with so much … Read More

中文故事会 – 暑期特别活动

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由非盈利组织SCLC (Spiritridge Chinese Language Center) 组织的中文故事会的活动,已经进入了第四个年头。每年暑假我们都会在Spiritridge Park组织暑期特别活动,给参加故事会的家庭和孩子们提供更多互相交流,彼此熟悉的机会。同时锻炼孩子在众人面前自由发言的能力。今年SCLC首次与小大师联合举办暑期户外活动,邀请小大师的孩子们参与设计和组织与中文活动相关的游戏。响应小大师的宗旨,为孩子搭建锻炼能力的平台。 Event Time: 07/15/2018 5 – 8pm (5:00-6:30pm Potluck,6:30-8:00pm 各种游戏) Event Address: Spiritridge Park – 16100 SE 33rd Place, Bellevue 报名表: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEpRi1mhYj6QReH8QGbW0IBQfktgwETFICrQ_ysRdsTcc0Nw/viewform?c=0&w=1