Creative Clay Figures

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In this activity, kids will learn to use air dry clay! They will also be taught about color theory, such as primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, and analogous colors, along with hues, shades tints and tones. They will learn how to … Read More


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学校结束啦,来小大师和艺术组的姐姐们一起,轻轻松松做手工,迎圣诞!这次手工活动我们采用深受小朋友们喜欢的Crayola Model Magic,捏出小巧讨喜的圣诞饰品。


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The Blood Donation Outreach Project – registration deadline extended to 1/11/19!

Interested in gaining real-world project experience and making a difference in the local community? The team at Bloodworks Northwest (One of the largest blood bank and research institution in the Pacific Northwest) is looking for motivated high school students with strong leadership and problem-solving skills to join our outreach project team.



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