Fall Jar Lights

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Make your own fall candle holder from a jar decorated with leaves! Looks pretty on display and will glow reds and oranges in the dark. Cost: Free ( Donation Recommended ) Age requirement: if your child is less then 8 … Read More


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西雅图海韵琵琶工作室携手小大师聚乐部、Emerald Parents Association (EmP)、Boundless Parenting Group(BPG),特邀著名琵琶演奏家、教育家厦门大学音乐系李昆丽教授倾力打造趣味琵琶讲座。 讲座内容: 1、你不知道的琵琶:混血起源、唐朝最流行的乐器、伟大琵琶演奏家唐明皇、世界三大伟大的乐器之一 2、你没听过的琵琶:文武双全、中西合璧。 3、你是否跃跃欲试了?琵琶体验环节,家长和孩子都将有机会近距离感受琵琶,上手体验这个独具魅力的中国乐器之王。 本讲座为中文,年龄建议:7岁及以上。 时间地点: Saturday, Aug 3, 2019 3:30pm-5 pm Redmond Library Room 1: 15990 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052 报名请点击:报名表

Creative Clay Figures

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In this activity, kids will learn to use air dry clay! They will also be taught about color theory, such as primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, and analogous colors, along with hues, shades tints and tones. They will learn how to … Read More


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学校结束啦,来小大师和艺术组的姐姐们一起,轻轻松松做手工,迎圣诞!这次手工活动我们采用深受小朋友们喜欢的Crayola Model Magic,捏出小巧讨喜的圣诞饰品。


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The Blood Donation Outreach Project – registration deadline extended to 1/11/19!

Interested in gaining real-world project experience and making a difference in the local community? The team at Bloodworks Northwest (One of the largest blood bank and research institution in the Pacific Northwest) is looking for motivated high school students with strong leadership and problem-solving skills to join our outreach project team.


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