Performing for Seniors – Kin On Health Care Center 2023

Today is December 22, 2023, Friday. The young performers of Performing for Seniors Program at the Little Masters Club brought a splendid holiday gala to the residents of the Kin On Health Care Center in Seattle on the eve of Christmas, accompanying them to spend a warm and joyful morning amidst the cold holidays.

演出开始前,Kin On的工作人员和小演员们讨论演出安排
Kin On staff and young performers prepare for the show.

Despite the inclement weather with pouring rain since early morning, it did not hinder the timely arrival of the young performers of Performing for Seniors Program at the Little Masters Club at the Kin On Health Care Center. At 11 o’clock, the performance officially began. The show was filled with wonderful performances, including singing, dancing, violin, cello, flute, and piano.

Francie Wong – Kin On Life Enrichment Supervisor Opening Speech.

The host, Helen Wang, as always, delivered beautiful introductions for each program with her graceful words. Our old friend Yilin Tong performed piano for everyone, while Arianna Zhao and Kevin Chiu continued to play violin for the audience. Moreover, Kevin’s mother provided live piano accompaniment for him today. Unlike before, Katlyn Fung and Rei Sauls presented a delightful and playful dance called “Two Little Bosses,” for which we express gratitude to their teacher, Didi Gong. Leevia Wang, who has performed popular and jazz music multiple times, brought a different experience today by singing “Think of Me” from the opera “The Phantom of the Opera”.

Today’s lineup of performers also included many new friends. Andrew Wang, at only five years old, was the youngest performer today, but his composed performance on stage was astounding as he flawlessly played three musical pieces. His sister Annabelle and brother Alexander also joined the stage. Every performer demonstrated strong piano skills. Caelan Song and Caelia Song, brother and sister, respectively performed on violin and cello, selecting Christmas-themed music to enhance the festive atmosphere on this cold winter day.

Amy Liu, a particularly sweet little girl, sang “Snowman,” making us yearn for snowy days. Rebecca Ji’s flute sound was crisp, melodious, and entrancing. Olivia Zhang played a piece everyone is familiar with, “Harry Potter,” imbuing her performance with mystery, imagination, and emotion.

The staff and residents of the Kin On Health Care Center once again highly praised the performance of the children and expressed the hope that the Performing for Seniors Program would visit again during the Chinese New Year. This performance not only brought joy and warmth to the residents but also allowed the children to feel the affirmation and sense of achievement in their artistic and performing talents. Through the voluntary performances of the children, a precious connection and interaction were established between different generations in the community, making the residents feel cared for and accompanied.

The Performing for Seniors Program not only nurtures the artistic talents and confidence of the children through providing opportunities for voluntary performances, but also instills in them the value of serving others with joy. Such activities not only allow the children to showcase their talents but also give them the opportunity to care for and pay attention to others, enabling them to use their abilities to bring more happiness and warmth to the community. This Performing for Seniors Program at the Little Masters Club is not only a stage for the children but also a bridge for them to engage with and serve the community. We also hope that more children will join our ranks in the future.

今天是2023年12月22日,星期五。小大师Performing for Seniors Program的小演员们在圣诞前夕为西雅图健安老人院的居民们送去了一台精彩的节日盛会,陪伴他们在寒冷的假日度过了一个温馨欢快的早间时光。

尽管天公不作美,从凌晨就一直就下着瓢泼大雨,但并不影响小大师Performing for Seniors Program的各位小演员按时到达健安老人院。11点钟,演出正式开始。本场演出节目精彩纷呈,有唱歌,跳舞,小提琴,大提琴,笛子和钢琴。主持人Helen Wang一如既往地以她优美的串词对每一个节目做了唯美的介绍。

我们的老朋友Yilin Tong为大家表演了钢琴,Arianna Zhao和Kevin Chiu继续为大家演奏小提琴。而且Kevin的妈妈今天还现场为他做了钢琴伴奏。和以往不同,Katlyn Fung 和Rei Sauls今天给大家带来了一段既优美又顽皮的舞蹈《Two Little Bosses》,感谢她们的老师Didi Gong。Leevia Wang已经多次表演过通俗和爵士乐了,今天她也给大家带来了不一样的感受,演唱了歌剧《The Phantom of the Opera》中的《Think of Me》。

今天的演员阵容中我们还看到了很多新朋友。Andrew Wang只有五岁,是今天最小的表演者了,但他在台上表现的从容令人惊叹,一连弹了三首曲子,可谓一气呵成。他的姐姐Annabelle和哥哥Alexander也来了。每一个人都表现出了很强的钢琴功底。Caelan Song和Caelia Song姐弟俩分别表演了小提琴和大提琴,他们都专门挑选了圣诞意味足足的乐曲,希望能够在寒冷的冬日增加节日的气氛。

Amy Liu是一位特别甜美的小姑娘,她演唱的《Snowman》让我们好期盼下雪的日子。Rebecca Ji大姐姐的笛声清脆悦耳,清远悠扬,令人陶醉。Olivia Zhang弹奏了一首大家都熟悉的《哈利波特》,琴声中充满了神秘,想像力和情感。

健安老人院的工作人员以及居民再一次高度称赞了孩子们的演出,并希望Performing for Seniors Program还可以在中国春节期间再次回访。这场演出不仅给居民们带来了欢乐和温暖,也让孩子们感受到了自己艺术和表演才华的肯定和成就感。通过孩子们的义务演出,社区的不同代际之间建立了一种珍贵的联系和互动,使居民们感受到关怀和陪伴。

Performing for Seniors Program通过给孩子们提供义务表演的机会,不仅培养了他们的艺术才华和自信心,还为他们树立了助人为乐的价值观。这样的活动不仅让孩子们展示了自己的才华,也给了他们机会去关心和关注他人,让他们懂得用自己的才能来带给社区更多的快乐和温暖。这个小大师Performing for Seniors Program不仅是孩子们的舞台,也是他们接触和服务社区的桥梁。我们也希望今后会有更多的小朋友加入到我们的行列中来。