2023 AWS Education Camp – Exploring Exoplanets with Python

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Dates: 07/30/2023
Time: 2:00-4:00PM
Price: Free

Camp Size:  15 student
Location: 15015 Main St Suite 208, Bellevue, WA 98007
This camp is open to high school students only. Tutors came from Amazon AWS team.

Exploring Exoplanets with Python

In the Exploring Exoplanets with Python, attendees assume the role of a Junior Researcher studying exobiology. They have the opportunity to interact with data sets focused on three key aspects of planetary habitability: temperature, crustal composition, and atmospheric pressure. Learners will explore these sets via Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks to run and edit sample code written in Python. Hands-on simulations and lab experiences help students connect their learning with real-world applications to show how programming, statistics, and data presentation can help automate tasks in data science, while allowing unique insights into large data sets.

In this unit, attendees will:

–        Identify the key factors in determining potential habitability for a planet

–        Explain a strategy for calculating the temperature of a planet

–        Recognize the importance of algorithms to automate difficult or repetitive tasks

–        Use basic mathematical and statistical concepts to complete introductory programming tasks in Python

–        Describe key roles and responsibilities on professional data science teams

–        Use Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks to conduct exploratory data analysis and create data visualizations

–        Practice using data visualization techniques to support a conclusion

 Technical requirements:

–        Access to a Windows or Mac laptop, or a Chromebook.

–        Access to an internet connection.