College2Career Event #8–University of Chicago

By inviting guest speakers with different career backgrounds and in different age groups, the LMC College2Career program aims to provide high schoolers an opportunity to gain insights into real-world careers so that they could better identify their true career passion, select college majors that suit their own interests, and facilitate their future career development. From the stories of our guest speakers, we learn together how to achieve personal goals while serving our community at the same time.

In early August, Sean Ge invited Peter Wang, a fresh graduate from the University of Chicago, who majored in bio-science with honors, to speak with us about his 4-year college life and his application experience. Like a number of our college speakers, Peter is also from Bellevue. He had been the president of the club water polo, a member of the school varsity swim, and co-editor of the school yearbook in high school. While keep pursuing his sports interests in college, he majored in bio-science specializing in immunology, and minored in history and environmental/urban studies. We are honored to have Peter share his college experiences and hope that this workshop will be helpful to high schoolers.

Below are some key takeaways from the presentation:

Team Members Present: Sean Ge, Bailing Hou, Nathan Zhang, Meiling Hou, Judy Shi

Editor: Bailing Hou