LMC Youth Teaching – Introductory to Journalism and Journalistic Writing

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Host: Echo He

In this five-day online Zoom workshop, students will learn about different types of journalism, the structure and elements of journalistic writing, diving into the AP style, and practice interview strategies. And students will finish a piece of journalism article by the end of the one-week workshop!

About the host: 

My name is Echo He, and I’m a rising junior at Skyline High School. I am a journalist and section editor for our school’s news website, the Spartan Form, and have been learning journalism and writing articles for a year. I’m super excited about guiding everyone into this wonderful newsroom experience, and I hope everyone can write about news articles and be a confident journalist after the workshop!!

Target Student: Any middle or high school students.

Time: 8/22-8/26 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Fee: $35 (Please add student name when making payment)

Please pay to Zelle account: Ping Sun (425-551-8857)
Or Paypal [email protected]

Registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEkdeqoqTguG9GiLlpQn1gGlqRxHJfYtjdW

Question? Contact [email protected].