Scented Wax Tablet Reflection

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Teaching the scented wax tablet craft was a fun and engaging experience. We started off by picking a mold to put the wax in. We then picked out dried flowers to decorate the tablet with. This will make it easier to decorate the tablet, once we put the wax in, because we will already have a design in mind. After that, we heated up the wax. We then proceeded take out the dried flowers, and put the wax in the mold. When the wax on the outer edges of the mold turned white, we could put the dried flowers in.  After that, waited for the wax to dry completely. When the wax was white all the way and the bottom of the mold was no longer hot, it was ready to be taken out. And just like that, we were done with the wax tablet. In conclusion, the process of making the wax tablet was fun and pretty simple, and in the end each kid made a beautiful and unique wax tablet.