Summer Online Seminar – Biology For Kids 趣味儿童生物

Host: Sophie Li 李苏菲

Biology is the scientific study of life. Yes, we all know life. We see it in plants and animals around us, and even in ourselves, but how do we study it from a scientific point? In this series, I will introduce five main fundamentals of biology: cells, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, and ecology. I hope everyone will be able to look at life on earth from a scientific perspective after this course.

什么是生物学?你想了解更多植物,动物和微生物的知识吗?这个夏天快来和苏菲姐姐一块儿 探索生命活动规律,生命本质, 物种演化和生态系统。希望每个小朋友都可以像科学家一样知道更多地球生物的秘密。

Minimum Age for Participants: 7+ Recommended

Time: Thursdays 7-8 pm July 1-29 (7/1, 7/8, 7/15, 7/22, 7/29)

Cost: Free

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Contact: [email protected]