LMC Cooking Series #32: Cooking with Cindy: Papaya Panna Cotta

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Host: Cindy Zeng

Panna cotta is an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with gelatin.


Heavy whipping cream – 200g
Whole milk – 35g
Lemon juice – 28g
Gelatin – 6g
Granulated sugar – 38g
Very small pinch of salt

1. Cut off the thin end of the papaya enough to use a spoon to
scoop the seed out.
2. Do the best you can to scoop all the seeds out without taking out
any extra papaya.
3. Bloom the gelatin in ice water.
4. Combine the cream, milk, sugar, and salt in a saucepan and
heat, stirring occasionally until the temperature reaches 125
Fahrenheit or 51 Celsius. Do not simmer.
5. Remove from the heat, and gently squeeze the gelatin to
remove the moisture.
6. Melt the gelatin in the cream mixtureand stir.7. Let the mixture cool to 100 Fahrenheit or 38 Celsius. Stir in the
lemon juice.
8. Pour into the papaya. Cover with the top of the papaya sliced
off from earlierand uphold it as much as possible in a bowl.
9. Chill in refrigerator for a few hours until set.
10. Slice and enjoy

Time: Sunday, April 4th, at 7:00 PM

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