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Python Introduction Class

解释型的高等编程语言Python语法严谨,易读,容易上手,是最适合学习文本语言编程的工具。这次Python入门课由小大师和First Lego League 机器人队 Marshmallow Pandas联合举办,面向10-12岁的孩子。机器人队的小老师们将介绍Python的基础语法,通过好玩的图像生成和文本游戏开发,提高学生们对电脑技术和编程的兴趣。Covid 隔离中,这个活动也提供了小朋友们和同龄人一起远程学习合作的机会。

时间:11/28/2020 周六 2:00-3:30 PM
远程会议:Zoom meeting ID 将在确认邮件中
系统要求:请提前从 下载3.9.0版Python

This Python Introduction Class is organized by Little Master Club with First Lego League Team Marshmallow Pandas. The kids from this Robotics team will teach the basics of Python, as well as fun projects such as drawing graphics and a text-based Turkey game. The class helps students by increasing their interest in computer programming. It is also good opportunities for kids to socialize during Covid pandemic.

Time: Saturday 11/28/2020 2:00-3:30 PM
Virtual Meeting: Zoom ID will be sent out in confirmation email
This event is suitable for kids 10-12 years old, who are interested in learning programming skills
Please download Python 3.9.0 from beforehand.
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We will keep the class size to about 10 kids for quality reasons.