2020 Hot Glue Gun Jewelry Reflection

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Teaching the kids how to make hot glue gun jewelry was a fun and slightly challenging experience. We started off by drawing something of your choice on a piece of paper. I decided to go for an ombré affect, so made a pink and blue ombré. We then moved on to adding the hot glue, one way I did to use a big jump ring and placing the jump ring on the drawing you made and putting hot glue in the jump ring. Other way was to simply put a layer glue over your design and cut it into the shape you want. The final way we used was to put several layers of hot glue on the same design, but you should wait until each layer dries before adding a second layer. After that, you cut it in to the shape of a gem. The last steps are to add use some string and use hot glue or a jump ring to attach the charm to the string. And just like that you end up with some gorgeous necklaces or/and bracelets. In conclusion, teaching kids how to make their own jewelry was a good experience. The kids made some stunning jewelry pieces that will definitely be able to brighten up their outfits.