Summer Youth Seminar – Python Programming

Host: Evan Ping

This 5 session Python Class will cover the basics of Python programming, including data types, data structures, loops, and functions. Recommended for students in grades 5-7. A computer that can run Zoom and Pycharms is required.

Class Curriculum:
Class 1: Introduction; data types and structures
Class 2: File inputs and outputs; Loops
Class 3: Working with data structures
Class 4: Calculator project
Class 5: Functions

Time: Class dates will be the 7/23, 7/27, 7/30, 8/3, and 8/6. Each class will start at 4:00 p.m. and will last 1 hour.

Fee: Each class is $5; All proceeds will go to the COVID-19 cause via Little Masters Club.


Amount of participants is limited, first come first serve. We will contact you with the Paypal payment information and Zoom link if you are among the first ones to respond.