Summer Online Seminar – Intro to handgun safety & responsibility

Host:Francis Zhou

With the recent escalation of violent protests and riots in urban centers, many parents became increasingly concerned about their family’s safety. Many are seriously considering or already obtained firearms with the goal to protect themselves and their loved ones. “What gun should I get?” “I have a gun, when am I legally allowed to use it?” “How do I educate my kids so they don’t accidentally shoot themselves?” These are just some of the typical questions parents have wrt firearms.

Main topics:

– Gun Safety: the proper way to handle a handgun, and store a firearm in the home./枪支安全:如何正确处理枪支及家庭枪支的安全存放。
– How to educate children about guns./如何教孩子枪支知识。
– Legalities on the use of deadly force (i.e., when can you legally use a gun)/致命武器使用的相关法律。
– How to interact with police after a deadly force encounter./在发生危险事件之后如何跟警察打交道。
– Handgun models, ammunition and equipment./手枪的型号,弹药和相关设备。
– Where to get further training./训练资源

Seminar will mostly be in English, with Q&A session for both Chinese and English.

About the instructor:
Francis was born and raised in Beijing, then came to the United States as a teenager. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by weapons of all kinds, especially military firearms. Francis bought his first gun as soon as he was able, and has been training for the last 10 years in various aspects of firearms spanning from marksmanship to small unit tactics. Since 2017, Francis has been actively coaching novice and experienced shooters alike to further improve their skills, as a way to give back to the community.

Time: 7/25(Sat), 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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