Summer Online Seminar – SAT/ACT Test Prep Camp

Host: Star Tutor 2020 (Emily Du, Elizabeth Zeng, Christina Yao, Crystal Wang)

Hi everyone!
My friends and I are starting an online tutoring service for ACT, SAT, and math prep. As graduating seniors from the Interlake gifted program who did exceptionally well on these standardized tests and are attending top 20 universities this upcoming fall, we want to pass down our knowledge and experience to the incoming class. We are confident in our abilities to not only teach all subjects covered in SAT and ACT, but also address how to tackle the essay portion of these standardized tests. Additionally, we are able to provide tutoring service to any student who wishes to get a head start on IB math, AMC, or AP calculus. We hope to be of assistance during this stressful step of the college process!

Class Schedule: 10+ lessons each topic,plus bonus hours for mock tests

Time: Mid July to August, please refer to the above for detailed schedule.

Required materials: None

Class Fee: $500 – $600
Please refer to the schedule document for fees for each class.

Registration has ended for this event.

We will send the online meeting information to your email address couple days ahead of time. Please watch out for it. Thank you!

Question? Contact [email protected].