Online Art Class- SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Craft

3…2…1… Blast off!
Falcon 9 and the Dragon capsule of SpaceX made history during their May 30th launch. So, in honor of this amazing feat and the brave astronauts, we will make our own little Falcon 9! This sleek and modern rocket would not have existed without art and design. But without further ado, please put on your spacesuits and buckle up your seat-belts for a trip to space!

Date: Friday 6/12
Time: 4-5 PM

Please prepare these materials before the lesson:
– kitchen toilet paper roll
– 2 pieces of white paper
– 1 piece of black paper
– Pens (Blue, Red)
– Scissors
– Glue (Stick or School Glue)

Other Tool:
– A computer for the online lesson – we will be using Zoom

*Parents may need to be available to assist your child.

Donations are recommended.

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