Online Art Class- Sock Bunny Craft

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We will be teaching how to make sock bunnies on Friday, May 22nd from 4-5 pm. These adorable little bunnies are easy to make and are fun to play with.

Please prepare these materials before the lesson:

– a recyclable cup

– rice (not cooked)

– a pair of socks (can be different colors)

– 5 rubber bands

– a marker

– a pair scissors

Optional Materials:

– glue

– ribbon

Other Materials:

– A computer for the online lesson – we will be using Zoom

*Parents may need to be available to assist with the craft

Donations are highly recommended. Please donate through PayPal at [email protected]

(Please write “donation to the art group to fight COVID-19” on the note section)All donations will go to efforts towards charity for COVID-19!

We cannot wait to see everyone there!

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