Paper Box Reflection(By Angelina Kam)

posted in: Art_Group

Overall, I think this class was a success, as all students managed to finish their box. It was very different from teaching the, face to face as we had no way of physically helping them, which is why a lot of students got stuck on one complication step, which wasted a lot of time. Another unexpected obstacle was how long the craft actually took. I expected 30 minutes for the box and 20 minutes for the cherry blossom, and some extra time to help out students. But in all, the box took 1 hour, so I gave students the option to stay overtime or leave. To my surprise, a lot of the students were very passionate about the craft, and all of the students wanted to stay longer to finish the craft! I was really touched that all of them were willing to stay longer and learn more. In conclusion, it was a great experience for me, and taught me a lot about how to teach children better, and I really enjoyed this class, and hope that everyone had fun! 🙂