Paper Umbrella Reflection (By Esther Fang)

At first, I was very excited and nervous because this would be my first time teaching online. But on the other hand, I am thankful for this opportunity since Icould still teach crafts from home even during this tough time. I am also very glad that I can do something to help by getting donations from the art class to support local hospitals to fight COVID-19.


It was very exciting to be able to have social contacts digitally and though it was awkward at first, everyone in the class gradually got used to it. This is a fast, easy and fun craft that only took one hour to teach. It only needed three different colored papers and glue. With tools like scissors, circular objects, and a thin stick, the whole teaching process was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. And all the children ended up with a tiny cute colorful paper umbrella. It was different from how we normally taught in the classroom though.


In the end, Zoom has created a fun and a more compatible way for our art group leaders to teach during this quarantine time. I really enjoyed it!