Galaxy Jar Reflection (By Jinyi)

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Teaching the galaxy jar craft to kids on zoom was an amazing learning experience. Even though, it was a bit more challenging than teaching kids in a classroom, due to the fact I wasn’t there to help them one on one. However, after getting used to using zoom a bit more, it was starting to get easier. As each kid’s jar gradually filled up, with an of array of gorgeous colors, we started to work on decorations for the jar. Each kid would make a little paper sign and stick it to the middle of the jar. The sign would include the words “galaxy jar” and a miniature picture of a jar on the side. They would also add a string of their choice to the jar’s cap. The result was a stunning jar that can serve as a great decoration for your home. Even though, it was a bit challenging teaching through zoom, the overall experience was a major success. In the end, each kid had a lot of fun and made a beautiful jar, that they could be proud of.