LMC in Action!

When COVID-19 is getting under control in China, we are now facing the risk and challenge of defending this unprecedented pandemics at our home, the greater Seattle region and the Washington State.

Therefore, Little Masters Club would like to work with 30+ organizations in the local Chinese community in a joint effort to advocate donation and purchase of medical supply for local hospitals and medical staff. Welcome to join us in this joint effort to help protecting our home and our people.

Let’s Come Together to Donate to the Front-line Hospitals to Fight Against COVID-19

While China’s COVID-19 is getting under control, the US is facing large-scale community spread of coronavirus. The Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland is currently in urgent need of $140,000 to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. As members of the community, Chinese-Americans are coming together to make contributions to fight the epidemic. We are organizing a joint fundraising effort, to make donations to front-line hospitals with various Chinese organizations in the state.

Many small sands can build a castle, each individual”s and organization’s donation is important. Several of our sponsoring organizations discussed and decided to collect all donations into one, and make a donation together to The Evergreen Hospital. All donations will be first collected into the account of United Chinese Americans of Washington (UCAWA), (501C3). When the donation target of $140,000 is reached, it will be sent to Evergreen Health Foundation in the name of all individuals and organizations. If the donation exceeds $140,000, the rest will also be donated to other front-line hospitals and emergency service agencies in the Greater Seattle Area. All donations will be posted online and final receipts from Evergreen Health Foundation will be posted online as well. Tax deductible donation receipts will be sent to each donor.

Organizations interested in joining our fundraising effort can contact: [email protected], or 206-388-9596.

We will continue to release donation updates and follow-up reports to ensure that fundraising information is transparent and up-to-date, and that all funds are used to assist The Evergreen Hospital, other front-line hospitals and emergency service agencies in Greater Seattle Area.

Donations can be made through:

The official website of UCAWA: www.ucawa.org

Bank transfer: Chase Bank
Account number: 219998769
Routing number: 325070760

PayPal:[email protected]
Zelle:[email protected]
Please use the Meno area to fill in your contact info, including your email address for us to email you a receipt.

Donate through your company’s internal website
2)Link for Microsoft employees:

Please fill in the following information:
1)Purpose of Donation:For example, to the front-line Hospitals
2)Your Name:
3)Your Email:
4)Anonymous or not (not anonymizes by default):Yes/No

Deadline to Make Donation: March 31, 2020

Sponsor Organizations of this Fundraising (the order is arranged by the time you join the fundraising, and in continuous updating):
United Chinese Americans of Washington
Guardian of Angeles Charitable Foundation
HUST Alumni Association of Seattle
Hubei Association of Seattle
Sea Moms club
Seattle Suzhou Fellow Association
Washington State Hunanese Association
Seattle Alumni of Nanjing University
Swiss Acupuncture & CWest Health LLC
Mercer Island Chinese Association
Rainier Taiji Foundation
Pacific Artists’ Alliance
Washington State Artists Association
Little Masters Club
Education Hill Learning Center
Olympia Area Chinese Association
Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy LLC
Federal Way Chinese Village
China Tomorrow Education Foundation
Eastside Little Learners
Emerald Parents Association
T.E.A. Washington
Seattle Entrepreneurship Club
Northeast Chinese Association USA
Globenex Realty