Fall Jar Lights Reflection

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Teaching and preparing for the leaf lights craft was a fun learning experience for me! I struggled with the design process of the craft, as the craft online would not work with the materials we had, so I had to innovate a little. The leaves that we used were hard to stick to the glass with mod podge, so I used tape to stick it down and used mod podge to seal it. The result was a jar that would glow warm colors and with leaf patterns! During the that class, the kids had fun choosing leaves and sticking them into the jar. As they waited for the mod podge to dry, everyone customized their project by choosing ribbons and tying them around the jars to decorate their lights. Overall, the project was a success! However, I could not have handled the kids all by myself, and I am very grateful for the helpers that helped me manage and teach everyone the craft. I learned a lot through this experience, and I hope that I will be able to lead another project in the future.