Reflection for snowman craft event (By Vanessa Ping)

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After perfecting and customizing the process of creating the snowman, soon enough, the night of the lesson finally came. After setting up the room, the other volunteers and I figured that it would be most efficient for us to begin cutting the yarn for the hat. The snowman’s unique hat required numerous strands of measured yarn, and with the help from others, we were able to cut a sufficient amount.
As children began to arrive, I began asking each individual for which color hat they would like, ensuring full customization of their snowman. Though creating the hat was time-consuming, with a little burst of motivation, this step was accomplished. When it came to the step of filling the socks with rice, to prevent a mess, we lined them up and carefully guided them throughout the room. Once everyone’s buttons, scarfs, face, and hat were assembled, everyone’s snowmen were complete!
This project was really exciting and rewarding, especially when watching them play with their snowmen with 3 arms!