Greeting cards making event (By:Emily Leung-Kaplan)

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What could be more creative and fun than to create water-coloring cards for your loved ones? The water-coloring cards represented the fall season and were a great sight to see while the colors were blending it creating a beautiful look. This activity allowed everyone to learn new crafting skills and to express themselves with colorful inks and a blank canvas. The ideal image of fun, creativity packed all together.


This was an inexpensive and quick DIY project that could be gifted for others. I had seen the fancy water coloring cards in stores before and never understood how they were made, but when I heard that I could make the same cards, I knew I had to try it out. Sure enough, 5 minutes into the activity, I was having a blast. Not only was it a perfect opportunity to learn about the color wheel and color mixing, but it also had some hidden learning opportunities.

I made one birthday card for my friend that was galaxy themed and it turned out beautiful. However, others also fascinated me. One kid made a heartwarming card for his mom which said “Happy Autumn!” and the edges of the card were carefully laced with leaves and tape showing the dedication, hard work, and love put into it. The activity was not difficult at all and I would say that these cards were so stunning it could even beat the store sold ones.