Paper Bicycle Craft Reflection (Author: Madeleine Ni)

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This mini-paper bicycle craft was specially designed for the upcoming Little Masters Club’s bike-a-thon event, which would be held on the very next day.

Before the event, we put a lot of preparation and time into it. First, we ourselves had to learn how to make it. My mom, sister, and I spent a whole night not only trying to make the perfect bike but also to find an easier way for the kids to roll the paper up with a skewer because even we had a hard time doing it!

At last, the night has come. We arrived early to set up the tables and chairs. Slowly, the children started to trickle in. The seats started to fill up, and the noise rose.

When every kid had arrived, my sister, the leader of the event, Erika started to explain the steps. I am in charge of using the hot glue gun to help kids to glue pieces together. I sat giddily in my chair as I waited for the children to come to the hot glue gun station. After some time, a child came, then another. Our table was swarmed with little children, asking us to glue theirs next. Pieces got mixed up sometimes, but I got everything together eventually.

After everyone had finished, we herded everyone outside to take a picture of all our colorful bikes. I could tell how happy all the helpers were to see the smiling faces of the children. Overall, I think the paper bike craft was exhausting, but an amazing experience.